Product Assistance and Availability

Where can I buy DTC products?

Our products are carried in hundreds of electronics and specialty stores. To find a DTC-authorized retailer near you, please refer to our Store Locator page.

I have a lot of questions about using my new DTC product, where do I go to get help?

You can send us an email or through our Contact Us page.

I want to bring my DTC product to a service center, where can I find one?

To find a DTC service center near you, please refer to our Service Centers page.


General Inquiries

Where is DTC main office located?

Our main office is located at 1955 M.Adriatico St., Malate, Manila.

How do I find product support information?

For product support, visit our Support Section page.

How do I learn about career opportunities or apply for a job with DTC?

We welcome inquiries from talented individuals who want to work for our company. To join our team, please view our Careers page for opportunities.